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Okotoks Teeth Whitening Clinic


Pearly White teeth whitening
Pearly White Teeth Whitening Okotoks


youthful + healthy smile

& love your smile again!

Even with the best dental routine, teeth can turn darker over time, which inevitably makes us look older. Many common dietary items can stain our teeth making them look unhealthy. 


We all love having a great smile, so this provides a great confidence boost along with a much healthier look for many clients.

Celebrating a special occasion? 

 Whether it is for your wedding, graduation, or to pose for a family photograph – you’ll want to be confident in your smile.

Is it safe? 

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment that can

  • boost your self-confidence

  • produce faster and longer-lasting results than whitening toothpastes or drugstore DIY teeth whitening kits.

  • Prevent gum irritation found using store-bought teeth bleaching kits that may also increase tooth sensitivity.


The professional teeth whitening process can be monitored and prevent your mouth from damage by adjusting levels of the whitening agent.

How long does it last? 

Teeth whitening results vary. The relapse (time between whitening) depends on homecare, diet, health of your mouth, and habits.


A person who drinks more coffee, red wine, or smokes will need to touch up sooner than someone who does not.

Results and frequency of whitening will vary between person to person.

Will I have sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can come naturally with teeth whitening, both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide have active ingredients that can produce the same level of sensitivity.


If you experience sensitivity, it is usually easily treated and gone in 1-2 days. Most times it goes away on its own

Pearly White Teeth Whitening Okotoks

Noticeable results:  



Hi, I'm Brittany

I am the owner and operator at Pearly White. I was born and raised in High River, Alberta and I am now living in Okotoks with my wonderful family full of boys.

I became a dental professional in 2012. I am fortunate enough to work at a dental clinic that has encouraged me to pursue continuing education in all areas of dentistry, as well as get training and certification in orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral hygiene, and more. I continue to with them, so I able to keep current in the dental industry as well as keep my license.

I absolutely love all aspects of dentistry, but the one part that felt the most rewarding was changing the look of people's smiles. A smile makeover. I met many patients along the way that didn’t want to show me their teeth, let alone smile proudly. It can be life-changing for someone to be able to smile without shame.

My passion for cosmetic dentistry leads me to open Pearly White. This way I can help people feel confident in their smile in a more comfortable setting.

I hope to earn your trust and confidence in my ability to take care of your smile. See you soon!

Pearly White Teeth Whitening Okotoks

How much does it cost? 

Full Treatment: 60min, $229.00

Touch Up: $150.00 

(has to be completed within 6 months of the initial full treatment, recommended 4-6 months)

Benefits with friends!

Some of the best things are those we do with friends!

Schedule in the same week with a friend and each pay $171.75

Wedding + Special Occasions

On special days we know that it's even more important to look your best!


Please contact for weddings or special occasion pricing.

We're social:  

Pearly White Teeth Whitening Okotoks
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