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Beautiful Teeth Okotoks

We want to help you have the brightest smile ever (without looking like Ross from Friends!). This means we want to make sure you get the service and quality you want, knowing it is all done by a professional, using professional products. 

Don't forget to share your results with us! 

Let's chat

What are your goals? Are you looking to go 2-5 shades lighter or are you looking for a more dramatic effect? We will review with you the options that are available and what the process will look like based on your goals.


The treatment

Once we have your goals set in mind, we can start the procedure, this will take about 60 minutes and you should not notice any pain or discomfort. We will use a special tool to ensure we can apply the treatment and to keep your lips from resting on your teeth, as they wish to do naturally. We use a combination of a gel that is applied to your teeth along with a specialized LED light. 

Sit back and relax, within 60 minutes you will have a noticeable change to your smile.


What is the post-treatment procedure? 

How you care for your teeth will ensure your smile stays whiter longer.  professionally whitened.

In addition to regular brushing, we may suggest additional practices for the longest-lasting results: 

  • We have take-home products that you can use to maintain your smile..

  • Note, some customers may find sensitivity, this will go away on its own, but you may want to reduce the drastic temperatures of beverages or food (ie: hot drinks or ice cream). Because your teeth will be more porous, refrain from staining beverages like coffee, tea, or wine for a few days or brush immediately after. 

  • Each client is different, we may have additional post-care suggestions for everyone.

  • Follow up with us if you have any questions or concerns.


Book your follow up

Maintain your treatment with our follow up treatment within 6 months of your initial treatment. 

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